Author, Wife, Mother & Holistic Advocate, Lu in her books shares her amazing story of how she pioneered the maze of health from an early age.  She has been on a quest for many years, educating herself, and all who would listen, helping people live an informed and healthy lifestyle.  She has consistently encouraged friends and family to connect the dots between the choices they make on a daily basis and their health.‚Äč

 Lu's life's commentary is "I do the research, so you don't have to....choose wisely."

Lu got involved in writing late in life with two books recently published, but before her books, Lu had always devoted herself to getting the message out of promoting good health through:

  • encouraging who ever would listen, the reality, that we are responsible for making educated choices in what we eat;
  • becoming aware of the toxins we expose ourselves and our families to;
  • and how the words we speak and how our thoughts effect our health.

Lu lives with her husband Don and has been married for  almost 60 years.  Don & Lu are alumni of the University of Florida and are avid Gator fans.  They have lived in Cocoa Beach, Florida for 50+ years where they raised their 4 children.  They now have 11 grandchildren.