7 Steps to Nutritional Balance gives the reader an easy to navigate guideline to the choices available in the market place.  The book exposes many of the misinformation and the lies the media and big pharmaceutical companies are using to confuse the average family, confusing even people that are in the know, who are making an effort to eat a healthy diet and live a healthy lifestyle.  I pray that these comprehensive guidelines will lead you and  your family down a path of health and wellness.  Join our revolution to help bring about a change in the marketplace by making informed choices.  Create you own revolution by breaking through old eating patterns and taking responsibility for designing your own eating plan.  It can be done.

7 Steps to Nutritional Balance demonstrates:

  • There is more to being healthy than what you eat;
  • The book reveals simple techniques to achieve vibrant health;
  • Delves into environmental toxins causing health problems;
  • Exposes lies perpetrated by food & drug industry;
  • Discloses our most important nutrient;
  • And unveils how our body, mind & spirit work together for exceptional health.